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Serial Thriller: Son of Frankenstein

'Son of Frankenstein'

After Bride of Frankenstein, the series delved into equally campy territory, with a slightly straighter face, for this second sequel. Basil Rathbone is perfect as the disdainful Wolf von Frankenstein, unwelcome heir of the now completely redesigned Castle Frankenstein.



A little levity never hurt anyone. A lot of levity, however, can make you die laughing. I’m not sure anyone watching this movie in its initial release would have predicted its longevity. Born of the improvisational era of the early 1980s, an era that includes Meatballs, Caddyshack and Stripes, Ghostbusters took the loose format of those former films and gave it a solid structure.



A terrifying little delight that manages to blend several horror elements into one: The Sixth Sense, Night of the Living Dead
, The Crucible and Scooby-Doo, to name a few. One has to be reminded that it’s a children’s film because it can be truly frightening.


It’s been a fantastic Halloween month. I hope you enjoyed the daily selection of films chosen for this years fright film fest. Below is a listing of all the films highlighted this year. I hope you had a Happy Halloween!…