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Son of 31 Nights, 31 Frights: Wrap-up

It’s been another fantastic Halloween month. I hope you enjoyed the daily selection of films chosen for this year’s fright film fest. Special thanks to guest blogger, Miguel Rodriguez, for his contributions. Below is a listing of all the films highlighted this year. Have a Happy Halloween… II!

Son of 31 Nights, 31 Frights: Halloween II

'Halloween II'

Nowhere near as good as the original but still manages to keep the same tension and dread, even as it amps up the creative carnage. Michael Myers stalks survivor Laurie Strode through the bizarrely dark and deserted Haddonfield Hospital where she seems to be the only patient.

Son of 31 Nights, 31 Frights: Horror of Dracula

'Horror of Dracula'

Though it followed in the footsteps of the trailblazing The Curse of Frankenstein, this second film in Hammer Studios long-lived love affair with horror virtually invented traditional gothic atmosphere with its quiet, windswept countryside, cozy village inn and brooding, spooky castle.

Son of 31 Nights, 31 Frights: Pitch Black

'Pitch Black'

Director David Twohy manages to make an entire planet seem claustrophobic as a band of survivors from a crashed spacecraft discover they have arrived just in time for a full-blown blackout eclipse on a planet orbiting three suns. Though largely remembered as the launch of Vin Diesel’s leading-man career, Pitch Black is a smart science fiction horror film that has its protagonists forever on the run from the planet’s carnivorous, nocturnal monsters.

Son of 31 Nights, 31 Frights: The Brides of Dracula

'The Brides of Dracula'

Hammer Studios didn’t always produce the best scripts for their classic horror series, but when it came to timeless icons Dracula and Frankenstein, they perfectly captured the spooky, haunting atmosphere. In this follow-up to their adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, the thunder claps, the wind howls, the townsfolk fret and the beautiful young sex-kitten is… well, young and sexy.